Learning Something New — Goddammit!

Mar 27

Hi, guys, All right, I’ll be the first to admit it — generally I don’t like having to learn anything new.  The 20th Century was just fine with me.  You put the key in the ignition and the car goes, you turn on the TV and watch a show, dial a number and make a call. Only problem is, old tricks stop working and unless you learn the new way of...

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“Where Do You Get Your Ideas?”

Mar 22

Hi, guys, Thought I’d jot down something about this subject, as it comes up often — is, in fact, a cliche. Most writers cringe at that question, not because it’s invalid, it’s just too general. In reality, we all get our ideas from the same place — from the totality of our experiences, everything we’ve read, seen, heard about,...

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Revolution in Filmmaking with Battlestar Galactica Prequel

Mar 21

Hi, guys, If you’d like to see an astonishing sample of cutting-edge filmmaking, check out the trailer just released on BLOOD AND CHROME, the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA prequel that my Oscar and Emmy-winning special effects genius friend Doug Drexler helped spearhead. It was shot entirely on greenscreen — so pretty much everything you see other than the actors...

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Learning From & Working With My Friends From Babylon 5, Star Trek – TNG and Galactica

Mar 19

Just saw our special effects producer Doug Drexler’s most recent mix of footage from Battlestar and Caprica for our Kickstarter video for the Secret Science Fiction Project (not to mention the final tweaks he’s doing on the new shots he’s rendered for us).  Just spectacular. We’re moving ahead designing the splash pages and accompanying...

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Just Show Up – Magic Can Happen

Mar 15

Wondercon, the little cousin of San Diego Comic-Con, is happening this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and on the eve of that I wanted to address an issue rarely mentioned: The strong urge to avoid going to events where people more successful than you will be. An example of this is an actress I know who had enjoyed some success years ago, but was struggling now to break...

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