Learning From & Working With My Friends From Babylon 5, Star Trek – TNG and Galactica

Mar 19

Just saw our special effects producer Doug Drexler’s most recent mix of footage from Battlestar and Caprica for our Kickstarter video for the Secret Science Fiction Project (not to mention the final tweaks he’s doing on the new shots he’s rendered for us).  Just spectacular.

We’re moving ahead designing the splash pages and accompanying website, etc.  Plus I’m halfway through the script, which is coming along well.  It’s fun to learn new things like Kickstarter (especially when you succeed!).  Look forward to our imminent launch, when everyone can see just what we’re up to.

Beyond this, I attended Wondercon this past weekend in Anaheim and got to talk with and listen to the presentations by my old friend Joe Straczynski.  Joe and I met long ago, and worked together on such shows as THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS, CAPTAIN POWER (which I developed for television) and BABYLON 5 (which Joe created and ran).

J. Michael Straczynski and Marc Zicree

What Joe had to say at Wonderrcon about writing (starting with the emotional core, etc.) was stuff I knew but a good reminder nonetheless.  I was very touched by his comments about his painful childhood and other aspects of his life.  It’s funny — you can know someone 30 years and still be discovering new things about them.

Also, I spoke with my friend Brannon Braga (STAR TREK – THE NEXT GENERATION, VOYAGER, TERRA NOVA) at the gym this morning and he was most complimentary about the documentary on me and the Table, which he’d just seen.  So all things considered, it’s a pretty swell time…

All of which I suppose goes to show that good work, good friends and a good spouse make for a good life.  (I haven’t talked about Elaine yet, but I’ll get to that shortly.)

All good thoughts your way,


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