Structuring the Screenplay or Series Pilot

Sep 18

Hi, guys, Back in January, we offered a two-day class on Structuring the Screenplay or Series Pilot. In teaching this class, we found it ended up being an intensive tutorial on everything from coming up with the idea to structuring and selling the script to building an ongoing writing career. We used every lesson we’d learned from our own careers and those...

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My Dear Friend Ray Bradbury

Jun 07

Hi, guys, As many of you know, my dear friend Ray Bradbury died last night.  I’ve been doing radio interviews reminiscing about this great man,  KPCC just now, COAST TO COAST tonight, BBC Friday and more. I’m writing a long piece about our fifteen-year friendship, which I’ll post soon. But for now I wanted to share two pieces I wrote about Ray...

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Super Science Fiction Project Announced – Kickstarter Rules!

May 04

Hi, guys, Yay!  At last we can announce the nature of the Secret Science Fiction Project! The official title of the project is SPACE COMMAND, and it’s inspired by great science fiction films, TV shows and books of the 50s including Space Patrol, Forbidden Planet, The Martian Chronicles and more.  What follows is our first official press release. To see one of...

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For God’s Sake Shoot Something!

Apr 19

Here’s the article I just wrote for the current issue of WRITTEN BY: Let me paint a scenario for you that may be familiar:  You’ve been laboring on scripts for some time now.  Some have been great, some not, but you’ve attained a level of professional polish and feel you’ve accomplished what you set out to do on the page. Maybe some of those scripts...

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Learning Something New — Goddammit!

Mar 27

Hi, guys, All right, I’ll be the first to admit it — generally I don’t like having to learn anything new.  The 20th Century was just fine with me.  You put the key in the ignition and the car goes, you turn on the TV and watch a show, dial a number and make a call. Only problem is, old tricks stop working and unless you learn the new way of...

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