Winning Is Fun

Feb 26

Speaking as someone who’s been nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, American Book Award, Humanitas Prize and actually won a TV set from Bozo when I was seven (in addition to winning the Saturn and Rondo Awards last year), I’ve gotta tell you — winning is fun. Writing is an isolated pursuit, and it’s always gratifying when people notice you’ve...

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Having Fun and Working With Talented People

Feb 25

A big part of succeeding in Hollywood is building teams of talented people.  A case in point — I’m currently working on the Secret Science Fiction TV project with my friend Neil Johnson.  We first met when Neil heard me on COAST TO COAST while he was in Germany.  He’d directed thousands of music videos and commercials, but really wanted to do...

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The Big Lebowski’s Dude – And Why You Don’t Need a Great Script

Feb 23

Yesterday I was the moderator at Sherwood Oaks Experimental Colege’s wonderful three-day class for screewnwriters.  Among the speakers was the legendary Jeff “The Dude” Dowd, one of the founders of Sundance and the inspiration for Jeff Bridges’ character in THE BIG LEBOWSKI.  Jeff Dowd had many wonderful stories of Hollywood and great...

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Star Wars Artist Teams Up With Me on Projects (And How I Made That Happen)

Feb 18

Got a call tonight that my dear friend Iain McCaig was in town, so we immediately got together at Kung Pao Bistro to catch up.  Iain is a true genius, the designer of Darth Maul and Queen Amidala (as well as the recent John Carter movie).  He’s been my artist on MAGIC TIME and “World Enough and Time.”  We talked about the secret science fiction...

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Making a Lot for a Little

Feb 16

  Hi, guys, We’re currently finishing the final touches on the fundraising video for the secret science ficion project, a reboot of a clasic TV show from the Fifties (and no, it’s not TWILIGHT ZONE).  It’s coming out spectacularly, and I wanted to give you some tips on how to make something really impressive for little or no money. First off,...

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Supermentors Interviewed

Feb 13

Hi, guys, Suzanne Lyons just posted an informative interview with Elaine and myself talking about how to get things really going in film and TV. You can watch it here:     Cheers, Marc    

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