Having Fun and Working With Talented People

Feb 25

A big part of succeeding in Hollywood is building teams of talented people.  A case in point — I’m currently working on the Secret Science Fiction TV project with my friend Neil Johnson.  We first met when Neil heard me on COAST TO COAST while he was in Germany.  He’d directed thousands of music videos and commercials, but really wanted to do science fiction movies — so he moved to L.A. for me to mentor him.  Now he’s made eight SF films in a row, all profitable — and we’re partnered on the next wonderful adventure.

Meanwhile, we both continue making our dreams come true.  So while I was in Italy with Elaine on vacation, Neil was shooting his newest science fiction film, ALIEN DAWN.  When I got back, he asked if I’d like to appear in the film.  Of course, I said yes!

So Neil put me in his cool black leather jacket and had me run down the street with explosions going on all around me (added in post, thankfully).  Then he had me fire a machine gun at a giant alien walking machine, which then proceeds to kill me with a blast from its heat ray (I should mention that the first book Neil read as a kid and has loved ever since was WAR OF THE WORLDS).  Following this, a woman goes through the my pockets, finds my keys and steals my car.

In short, the role I was born to play.

You can watch part of this thrilling scene here.  Take that, Meryl Street.

Bottom line being, work with your talented friends — and have the time of your life.

All good thoughts your way,


Click on the line below to view the clip:

Zicree goes up against an alien walking machine

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