Ten Things I Know…

Jan 21

Hi, guys,

In putting out the info on the two classes I just came up with some thoughts I’ve been having around these subjects that might be of help:

  • If you’re trying to have a writing career and your story doesn’t work, NOTHING will work.
  • If you’re trying to have ANY career in the Industry and you’re not planning your strategy with someone who’s already successfully working in the Industry, you’re flying blind.
  • If you don’t have anyone rooting for you, cheering you on and holding you accountable it’s VERY hard to keep going.  (In other words, don’t be in isolation.)
  • Everything changes, pretty  much every day.
  • It’s vital to learn what’s important and what’s not.  (Often it’s easy to feel you’re in a deafeningly noisy room with bright lights flashing all the time.)
  • Have a life as well as a goal… but definitely have a goal.
  • Be discerning as to who you know that gets the job done — and who’s just talk.  Cut one of these two out of your life (we’ll let you guess which).
  • Get clear on what you know, what you want to know and what you love.  Choose your projects from a combination of these three.  (What outrages you is also a great place to explore.)
  • Express gratitude often to those you encounter, be sincere about it and specific.  Leave it on their voicemail, tell it to them directly.
  • Ask yourself, “If I could only do one project in my entire life, the one that would stand for who I was in this world, that would be what I left behind so folks knew why I was here, what would that be?” Then make it.

Feel free to send this to your friends, acquaintances, loved ones, strangers.

All good thoughts your way,

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