The Golden Ticket…

Feb 10

Hi, guys,

I’m just putting out word on our new six-week class that starts next week and the advanced class that starts in March (and oh yeah, you can take our classes via Skype of telephone from anywhere in the world, too).  We mentor actors, writers, directors, producers, etc., with great success.  You can check out for more info.

In thinking about what works for our students, I’ve recently come up with the notion of the Golden Ticket (you know, like in Willy Wonka…).

Most folks in this Industry—whatever their goal—are essentially banging on doors where there’s great resistance to anyone on the other side opening that door to consider their worth.  It’s not deliberate evil, it’s simply that there are so many thousands of actors, writers and so forth that there’s literally not enough time in a lifetime to fairly evaluate them all.

So what we all of us try to do is create evidence that’s easily perceived and judged.  In some cases this might be a short, a reel, or a recommendation from someone they already know and value, or a review or blurb from a respected newspaper, magazine, blog, reviewer, etc.

But every now and then, a few of us are lucky enough to have a Golden Ticket – something that will automatically open virtually all the doors we want.

Surprisingly though, most of us don’t recognize that Golden Ticket for what it is, and so we spend weeks or months or years pursuing fruitless efforts at recognition when we could have the keys of the kingdom.

I’ll give you two examples:

One of our students is a very skillful actress of middle years who wants to be a regular on a TV series.  It turns out she went to a very prestigious drama school – her Golden Ticket.  Under our guidance she got the school to agree to let her do a series of video interviews with showrunners (the executive producers who run network dramas and comedies), famed directors, and TV and movie stars.  When she reached out to these folks with the name of her school, no one turned her down for an interview.  Now many of them are eager to check out her reel and one-person show.  From there it’s no great leap to being hired on a series.

Another of our students is a homicide detective transitioning to a career as a writer.  His Golden Ticket is his expertise and experience solving murders in a big city.  No major novelist, journalist or showrunner will refuse to take his call or render advice.  He badge immediately gains their respect, interest and eagerness to help.  And once we alerted him to this fact, our police friend started setting up lunches with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

So okay then, what’s your Golden Ticket?  Think about it, ask your friends.  It may well be right under your nose.  And then watch thedoors fly open…

Best of luck now and always,


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