If You Can Stay I’ll Blow You Up

Mar 10

Zicree and Alana Kearns-Green with director Neil Johnson on ALIEN DAWN shoot

Okay, so here’s the thing:  the people I most admire in showbiz are those who don’t wait to be picked but just get on with the job of making stuff.

A prime example is my friend Neil Johnson, with whom I’m doing the Secret Science Fiction TV Project.  Neil’s made a number of profitable science fiction films and is currently completing ALIEN DAWN, his new alien invasion movie.

Recently I had the immense fun of appearing in Neil’s movie, firing a machine gun, running from explosions and being killed by an alien walking machine.

Neil asked me if I’d like to film an additional scene introducing my character and so yesterday I went before the cameras buying a machine from the back of a car to fight the alien invaders.  Way fun.

I invited my friend actress Alana Kearns-Green to join me in the scene also buying a Big Gun and certain Jesus was arriving along with the aliens.

It was a small crew, which is really great to work with, no huge studio overhead, just those there to get the job done.  Director Neil Johnson shot A camera, worked the crane, slated each scene, his friend Suzy did makeup and worked the shotgun mic, another intrepid crew member shot B camera and took stills.  Lean and mean.

We shot our scene as the sun was setting (my two lines were, “Give me the fucking gun!” and “Show me how to work this thing!”) and I then ran off off to run the Industry Roundtable I’m in charge of.

Alana had a great time — she’s a real sci-fi nut and was eager to get into this genre professionally (main stream drama can be SO boring…).  As I was about to leave Neil said to Alana, “If you can stay a  few minutes, I can blow you up.”  She eagerly agreed.

Now THAT’s how to make a movie…

All good thoughts your way,


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