Learning Something New — Goddammit!

Mar 27

This is what the future used to look like...

Hi, guys,

All right, I’ll be the first to admit it — generally I don’t like having to learn anything new.  The 20th Century was just fine with me.  You put the key in the ignition and the car goes, you turn on the TV and watch a show, dial a number and make a call.

Only problem is, old tricks stop working and unless you learn the new way of achieving what you want you’ll be the guy stuck in his anecdotage telling stories of how great things used to be (that FDR was one hell of a President…).

Which brings us to the subject of Kickstarter.

Many of you know I’m rebooting a very famous (but secret until May 1st) science fiction show from the Fifties with a number of my friends, including Neil Johnson, Mark Haynes, Doug Drexler, Michael Reaves, Armin Shimerman and other science fiction luminaries.

We’re going to be starting this project with four two-hour-long movies, to be delivered via DVD, VOD and possibly cranial implant if it’s ready by the time we finish.  But essentially I’m running it like a science fiction TV drama series.

Now that part’s old hat to me, what with SLIDERS and all the other shows I’ve done (which isn’t to say I’m blase about it; it’s still something I love to the core of my being).

What’s new to me is raising the money.

Every show I ever wrote for, the studios and networks handed us the money, millions of dollars.

But it’s a new day, and all the exciting new technologies mean we don’t need them anymore to make our dreams a reality.

Best of all, we don’t need millions, just hundreds of thousands (check out STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES “World Enough and Time” at www.marczicree.com).  And with Kickstarter we should be able to accomplish that.

I know this much — I’m hugely excited about this project.  It’s going to look spectacular and be as fun and entertaining as anything I’ve done in my career.

But I do have to learn Kickstarter and launch a campaign.  I’ve emailed my Table for suggestions, been checking out the links they’ve mailed me, making notes.  It’s scary but thrilling.

We officially launch May 1st, and we’ll be reaching out to our friends and the press (including COAST TO COAST) to get the word out.  And I’ll be blogging and Facebooking and tweeting– and sharing the experience with you.

It’s a great ride…

All good thoughts your way,



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