Making a Lot for a Little

Feb 16


Hi, guys,

We’re currently finishing the final touches on the fundraising video for the secret science ficion project, a reboot of a clasic TV show from the Fifties (and no, it’s not TWILIGHT ZONE).  It’s coming out spectacularly, and I wanted to give you some tips on how to make something really impressive for little or no money.

First off, seek out folks who do amazing work and find ways to bring them aboard your project.  Look for ways to make it a win-win.  Ask yourself what serves their need.

Some amazingly-talented folks are making remarkable content for the web.  For instance, check out ARK, directed by my friend Trey Stokes.  You can watch it at

Ark was made for below $100,000 and has more style and inventiveness than many big-budget movies.  As soon as I saw it I hired Trey to direct a trailer for my MAGIC TIME project.  Now he and producer Gabe Sachs are aboard the MAGIC TIME series, which we’re about to pitch to the networks.

My friend Neil Johnson has been making phenomenal science fiction features on a shoestring.  Now we’re collaborating on a series of movies.

In short, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel — team up with folks who already have wheels.  Then bring something of added value to them (for instance, on a good day I can write pretty decently…).

That’s all for now.  But we’ll be talking a good deal more about this in days to come.

All good thoughts your way,


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