Revolution in Filmmaking with Battlestar Galactica Prequel

Mar 21

Blood and Chrome

Hi, guys,

If you’d like to see an astonishing sample of cutting-edge filmmaking, check out the trailer just released on BLOOD AND CHROME, the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA prequel that my Oscar and Emmy-winning special effects genius friend Doug Drexler helped spearhead. It was shot entirely on greenscreen — so pretty much everything you see other than the actors was generated in the fertile mind of Doug Drexler and his compatriots. BLOOD AND CHROME has over 2,000 effects shots, 300 of which Doug generated himself.

I’m proud to say that Doug is a key team member on my Secret Science Fiction TV Project, which Neil Johnson and I will be launching very shortly on Kickstarter. The special effects shots that Doug has already generated for us on the Kickstarter video are quite simply breathtaking.

Marc Zicree and Doug Drexler

Doug and I previously worked on STAR TREK – THE NEXT GENERATION and DEEP SPACE NINE, and Doug served as an exec producer on my STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES episode “World Enough and Time,” which you can watch in its entirety at

And to see the incredible BLOOD AND CHROME trailer, click on

All good thoughts your way,

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