Star Wars Artist Teams Up With Me on Projects (And How I Made That Happen)

Feb 18

Got a call tonight that my dear friend Iain McCaig was in town, so we immediately got together at Kung Pao Bistro to catch up.  Iain is a true genius, the designer of Darth Maul and Queen Amidala (as well as the recent John Carter movie).  He’s been my artist on MAGIC TIME and “World Enough and Time.”  We talked about the secret science fiction project, and I showed him the almost-completed Kickstarter video.  Iain asked me to write a new scene from the project we could shoot, so I dashed something off and just sent it to him.  What a joy to have such a brilliant friend inspiring me!  Showbiz tip:  team up with talented people, they challenge you to do your best work.

Okay, so how I made it happen — when Elaine and I first wrote the pilot of Magic Time, I wanted an artist to do concept art prior to my pitching the project.  So I sought out an artist and someone gave the script to Iain and he loved it.  He did amazing illustrations for me, and it began a rich collaboration that’s gone on for over a decade.  The next guy who hired him was George Lucas.

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