The Big Lebowski’s Dude – And Why You Don’t Need a Great Script

Feb 23

Marc with the Dude

Yesterday I was the moderator at Sherwood Oaks Experimental Colege’s wonderful three-day class for screewnwriters.  Among the speakers was the legendary Jeff “The Dude” Dowd, one of the founders of Sundance and the inspiration for Jeff Bridges’ character in THE BIG LEBOWSKI.  Jeff Dowd had many wonderful stories of Hollywood and great advice, including that it helps enormously to write rich, evocative, juicy characters that actors will want to play.

But one thing many of the speakers said that I actually disagree with is, “You need a great script.”  You DON’T need a great script — it’s fine to aspire to write one — but all you actually need is a script that can be shot; in other words, one that makes sense, has a beginning middle and end, and will entertain both you and an audience.

Then you pull together a team and make it for whatever money you can pull together.  And that’s how you build a career…

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